Derek Gorman and James MaxGet Living London’s chief executive was interviewed in depth by Property Week Podcast presenter James Max last week, revealing many of the intricacies of running East Village in Stratford, the UK’s biggest new private rented residential scheme.

Property Week’s monthly podcast went inside Nero House, a block that was occupied by Team GB during the Olympic Games last year, to grill Derek Gorman about the challenges of managing 1,439 private rented flats.

In his most candid interview yet, the chief executive of the management company set up by Delancey and Qatari Diar, East Village’s owners, explains the philosophy behind choosing to rent the units out for long lease terms and why they are charging no fees to incoming tenants.

Gorman even tells Max about the landlords’ approach to painting and decorating the flats, and whether or not household pets were allowed.