Green REIT is to focus on Dublin’s improving tech-focused office market, according to its co-founder Pat Gunne, who spoke on Property Week’s monthly podcast after closing €178m of deals in the past fortnight as Green “kicked off the new market”.

Gunne told presenter James Max that he thought Green RETI would have first-mover advantage in picking up deals across Ireland, and has already deployed more than half the equity it raised upon listing in July this year.

He said Irish capital was becoming longer-term as opposed to being dominated by private equity players, and was now looking forwards rather than back.

“There is still a huge amount of deleveraging that needs to take place,” he said, “but September to December is the kick off to the new market”.

Gunne also spoke about the make-up of the portfolios that Green had snapped up, and said he could envisage Green trying to emulate Derwent London’s successful track record in converting outdated London offices into the trendy headquarters buildings of the future.

James Max was also joined by divorcee Susie Boniface, the woman behind the online blog persona Fleet Street Fox, who spoke about social media, poltitics, and the future of the press.